Well that was truly terrifying.

So Amanda (Ammons 12 year old daughter) comes to me this morning as she got notification that Squishworx.com SSL certificate was up for renewal in December.

She runs all the website stuff, so I tell her to go ahead and renew it.

The next half an hour was a truly stomach churning melange of the website being down (First time in a year) and something called ‘private keys’ being mangled. Amanda to her credit sat and checked this four or five times, figured out the issue and worked the problem.

Needless to say I am really proud of her, when she finally finished typing in some linux commands and I saw that he webserver was coming up, We all cheered. So, next month Amanda is being sent to a ‘Linux Administrator Bootcamp” in New York City, NY, as way of a reward. Sorry about the site being down, I think it aged me a year.

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