We included…

Over 600 Freebies so far.   The Prusa Mini Hot End Fix was a major hit and we have gotten a huge response to it.  (And it’s so simple!)  The Addition of the PRusa Mini Z-Axis Lead Screw Aligner really hit a chord.  I think it’s a little funny that people are so moved by such a small gesture.   I have gotten over 50 emails thanking us for the tiny gifts.  That either speaks to the great manners of many folks, or they were truly happy.

I think thats cool. Working on more free stuff.  The Mini sales make it easy, Mini stuff is basically just for the Prusa Mini, I have to figure out what works the same way for the MK3S.  Or, I have to figure out how to add to the website a place to enter what kind of printers you all have.  But personally, I am always a bit leery giving too much info to a website. I’ll think about it.

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