Picked up Capricorn tubing today

Became an authorized reseller for capricorn tubing today after going down a rabbit hole with Valerie concerning fittings on the Mini’s extruder and hot end. The compression fittings using olives truly suck, and a customer (hey John!) was investigating a solid approach using bowden type pneumatic fittings.

Valerie sourced from bondtech a nice looking, all metal fitting, waiting to hear back if it will work with our application. It will be delightful to not need heatbreak tubing, and running the capricorn tubing down to the bottom of the heatbreak, unbroken.

Mihai Stanimir, a good friend (He is the guy famous for the Pitstop extruder, filament drying box and his work on tool changers for 3d printers), designed a great tube cutting jig that is totally adjustable, it will make our current heatbreak tubes mcuh more reliable (The old way was producing abysmal results!) Thanks Mihai.

So fun stuff happening on the Prusa Mini front today, I didn’t even go into the great new HeatBlock that we have coming for the Mini. Thats going to be fun!

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