Oops, we screwed up.

Well, someone screwed up, and I guess it was me. Ammon had handed me the inventory scan from yesterday and I did not catch that out of 60 nozzles sold and shipped yesterday, we were over in our inventory by 1. Sigh, we had a quick brainstorming meeting about it and came to the conclusion that one out of sixty orders was short a nozzle and that was unacceptable.

So, Bill had me go through all the orders with that particular nozzle, send the customers an email explaining the situation (He didn’t even let me do a mail merge!) and then finally, hand pack up two new nozzles for each customer, why two? Bill thinks no one should be inconvenienced by our screw up. So I sent out 120 nozzles. It’s 9:30pm here in Sedona and I am beat. That is a lesson I won’t soon forget.

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