Oh My…That much PLA?

Sarah has been trying to teach Ammons daughter, Amanda (Our 12 year old webguru) how to do purchasing. It’s been going well, she has been building up a relationship with a number of suppliers of ours.

Last night she found a ‘deal’ on PLA, crappy low end PLA. It was 5 dollars a kg, which on the face of it looks dirt cheap. So she buys 200kg’s of it (On my Amex Black card), and pays the supplied invoice without checking the total. Turns out this crappy pla comes with a shipping fee of 13.47 kilogram. So now it is 18.47 a kg of really low end pla.

We don’t ever print PLA. Sigh. LOL.

The supplier of course wants to hear nothing about it. So Sarah this morning sat her down and taught her how to break down each order for each cost associated with it. I’m sure she will do better next time.

We’ll donate the pla to her school and let her 3d printing friends there know that their crappy PLA was a gift from Amanda. LOL.

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