Hey people!

It’s been a while coming, but we finally made it. The new Warehouse (almost 15k square feet) is acquired and Ammons ‘house’ is being build inside 2k sf of it as we speak. This will allow us to fully support our expanding product base. Homes have been bought for Sarah, Valerie, Jane and Sandra and I. (Well, we have temporary digs as our house is being built).

The new Warehouse is located in Kingman Arizona (About a 3 hour drive from our current shop in Sedona / Cottonwood Arizona). We chose Kingman as it is equidistant between Las Vegas, Los Angeles Port and Phoenix. This should allow us to gain a day on shipping most orders and it will be a lot easier for us to receive delivery of inventory.

Our contractors have been busy building out a house inside of the warehouse for Ammon. When he was given the option to have us buy a new house for him or to build out the warehouse, he chose the warehouse. I don’t know if it is dedication or some other reason, but I am not going to turn down the opportunity to have a trusted friend on site 24 hours a day. Anna and Amanda are each getting their own rooms and they are really excited about it.

One side note, the contractors are building out a small dog pool in the fenced in area out back, so the dogs will have free run of the warehouse and a cooling off area, which makes Sarah and I very happy. Valerie is having them build cat climbing areas up in the roof area and along some of the walls. I think Jane is the only sane one among us.

Time frame for the move is inventory is being moved from Saturday February 19th to February 23rd – so the site will be down for new orders during that time (Ammon can’t pull/pack/ship orders while inventory is on trucks). Sarah is already on site overseeing the contractors and Valerie has taken a vacation to avoid any of the untidiness of the move (She’s like a cat that way).

Here is a quick overview of the new Warehouse.