File it under, stupid stuff that seemed like a good idea.

Valerie is always on the hunt for tools to make the print farm work, easier, safer and faster. To that end, she casts her net far and wide. Each os us are a farm worker first and foremost, without the print farm, we really have nothing.

One of the tools she found looked like it might make easier work frot he larger format printers, emptying a bed, getting loose a stuck print (Though Vision Miner takes care of that problem in most cases). She saw a tool in a local shop here and bought a couple of hundred of them to test out (We have currently 127 printers spun up and running, so a couple of hundred may have been the wine talking). And she didn’t tell Sarah that the local store was a fish store (As in aquariums, not scrumptious shrimp or tuna).

Looking at it, I kinda-sorta see what she was going for. In real life, not so much. LOL!.

You have to give her props for trying though!

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